Allegheny Defense Project

The Allegheny Bioregion

The Allegheny Defense Project is dedicated to the protection and restoration of forest communities and diversification of the economies of the Allegheny bioregion.  It was formed in response to the large-scale clear-cutting practices embraced by the U.S. Forest Service that threaten watersheds, biodiversity, and recreation opportunities.

As our organization has grown, the Allegheny Defense Project has found that in order to restore the ecological integrity of the Allegheny Bioregion, it is simply not enough to protect the Allegheny National Forest from logging.  In response, we have shifted to a more bioregional approach to forest protection.  Through grassroots organizing, research, education, aerial and on-the-ground monitoring, the Allegheny Defense Project strives to protect our wild forests and rivers from commercial logging, oil and gas drilling, and other extractive industries threatening the Allegheny National Forest and other public lands.