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Exploring the Allegheny Wild

The Allegheny National Forest is lacking in non-Wilderness Special Areas, especially when compared to other national forests. This deficiency reflects a lack of management for scenic areas, natural areas, and recreation areas. Through a combination of Congressionally-designated National Recreation Areas and administratively designated Forest Recreation Areas, Allegheny Wild! would establish a diverse, well managed recreation plan for the Allegheny.

Allegheny/Cornplanter/Tracy Ridge National Recreation Area

These three existing National Recreation Areas were designated under the Pennsylvania Wilderness Act of 1984. Due largely to their roadless nature and protected status these areas are considered some of the best wild places in the Allegheny today. While Congress must designate National Recreation Areas, the Forest Service can recommend specific areas to Congress for this designation. In the interim, these areas can be managed administratively as recreation areas.

Bear Creek National Recreation Area

The Bear Creek area has attracted national gatherings, local enthusiasts, and forest naturalists alike. Bear Creek provides a quality opportunity to develop recreation opportunities in the southeast part of the Allegheny and provides the type of experience worthy of National Recreation Area designation.

Lamentation Run National Recreation Area

The Lamentation Run Area is a remarkable landscape once considered for Wilderness status. Features include the proposed Lamentation Run Bicycle Trail, a proposed horse trail, and the Stony Point Overlook featuring a stunning view of Kelletville and Tionesta Creek. Opportunities to link in with the Nebraska-Tionesta Rail-to-Trail and the North Country Trail are significant.

Tionesta National Recreation Area

This proposed National Recreation Area is important towards the conservation of the 4,000-acre Tionesta old growth. Features include East Branch Tionesta Creek, an upland bog, a proposed disability-access nature trail, a segment of the proposed Tionesta Wilderness Trail, and a beautiful overlook along the existing snowmobile trail.

Allegany Recreation Area

This proposed recreation area would provide a needed link between Allegany State Park in New York and Tracy Ridge National Recreation Area. The result would be an improved recreation experience for users of the state park and national forest. Features include the North Country National Scenic Trail and proposed Allegany Bicycle Trail with scenic vistas.

Beaver Meadows Recreation Area

The Beaver Meadows Campground is the most accessible for forest users in the Marienville area. Features a man-made lake and several hiking trails and is an important recreation area for the Allegheny.

Brush Hollow Recreation Area

Home to a popular cross-country ski trail and unofficial bicycle trail this area is currently open to even-aged logging every few decades. Features connector with proposed 14.5 mile Bear Creek Trail. Provides a great trip south to the Clarion River Wilderness Area!

Buckaloons Recreation Area

Buckaloons is a well known campground on the very northwest corner of the Allegheny National Forest. This area includes a developed campground as well as frontage along the Allegheny River. Managing the surrounding national forest to emphasize the recreation qualities of Buckaloons and the conservation importance of the upper Allegheny River watershed is an obvious choice.

Deerlick Run Recreation Area

The Deerlick Run area features a popular recreation spot easily accessible from Sheffield, PA. Features include a cross-country ski trail which is often used for mountain biking as well. Its accessibility to Sheffield and Route 6 make its preservation for recreation purposes a priority.

Farnsworth Recreation Area

The Farnsworth area would formally recognize the heavily-used Farnsworth Branch adjacent to Chapman Dam State Park as a recreation area. This designation would provide more consistent management for this area popular with fishermen and dispersed campers.

Westline Recreation Area

The Westline area features the popular, albeit threatened, Westline Ski Trail. A proposed expansion to the ski trail, providing additional loops and improved quality, would expand on this areas already significant recreational use. The small forest community of Westline is a popular stop for visitors to the Allegheny.

Loleta Recreation Area

The scenic landscape surrounding Loleta campground is poorly managed despite its high potential. The proposed Millstone Creek Trail which will traverse several fantastic roadless areas in the area will start at the campground.

Laurel Mills Recreation Area

Probably the most popular of cross-country ski areas in the Allegheny National Forest, the Laurel Mills Recreation Area would feature the ski trails north of the proposed Clarion River Wilderness. Expansion of the current trail system with two additional loops will make this one of the region's best cross-country ski stops.

Twin Lakes Recreation Area

Featuring the Twin Lakes Campground, a disability access hunting area, and access to the Twin Lakes Trail this proposed Recreation Area would provide essential recreation enhancements for the Kane-Ridgway area.

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