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Letter from ADP's Board President

Allegheny Wild! Reclaim a Piece of America

Allegheny Wild! Protecting Navigable Watersheds of the Allegheny

Allegheny Wild! Exploration: Hike, Bike, Ride, Ski, and Paddle

Allegheny Wild! Establishing More Great American Wilderness

Allegheny Wild! Recreation: Exploring the Allegheny Wild!

Allegheny Wild! Old Growth: Reinforcing Old Growth Values

Allegheny Wild! Sustainability and the Regional Economy

Allegheny Wild! Restoration: Restoring the Allegheny Wild!

Allegheny Wild! Protecting Natural Forest Areas

Allegheny Wild! The Scenic and Historic Allegheny

Allegheny Wild! Protecting the Allegheny National Forest

Allegheny Wild! Drilling to Infinity in the Allegheny

Allegheny Wild! ATVs

Allegheny Wild! Pesticides

Allegheny Wild! Testimonials from the Alleghenies

Notes from a Neophyte's First Backpacking Experience

Allegheny Wild! Endorsements

Action Alert: Time for Pennsylvania State Forests is Now!

Certification of Pennsylvania State Forests

The North Country Trail Allegheny National Forest Chapter

Pollution and Refining in Warren, PA



Rhetoric from Your Friendly Editor!

Dear Friends of the Allegheny Forests,

These are exciting times for the Allegheny National Forest. When the Allegheny Defense Project (ADP) released our citizen-drafted, science-based plan for the Allegheny National Forest we were not sure how quickly the plan would take hold. But it has taken hold in force as you can see if you read this issue's letter from the Board President (page 3). Every day new endorsements of Allegheny Wild! are coming in (see Page 23). It's been difficult keeping up with them. Even the U.S. Forest Service has greeted the proposal with respect for the amount of effort that went into designing the plan. For the first time, as they will see, a management plan has been developed for the Allegheny that is based on the full requirements of federal law, sustainable economics, conservation science, and public opinion.

And so it only makes sense that this issue of the Hellbender is dedicated to that Allegheny Wild! vision. And if this Special Issue of the Hellbender Journal is not enough please take the time to visit our brand new Allegheny Wild! website at Features on the website include an up to date list of endorsers, an Allegheny Wild! slideshow, and a copy of the full 66-page report and Allegheny Wild! management plan. While you're at it visit the new ADP weblog, The Hellbender Chronicles, at

For a wild Allegheny,

Jim Kleissler, Editor

Rachel Martin, Assistant Editor

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