Allegheny Defense Project ...working for the protection of the natural heritage of the Alleghenies...

Hellbender Journal Autumn 2002

Inside this Issue...

Struggle to Defend Salmon Creek Continues

Shared Interests?

What's in a Name? Weyerhauser Takes Over Willamette

Federal Magistrate Recommends East Side Timber Sale be halted

Pitt Upholds Academic Freedom

Citizens Unite: Grassroots Victory Against FS Drilling in NY

A State of Wilderness

Herbicides: Round 'em Up and Oust 'em Out

Staples, Inc. Agrees to Protect Endangered Forests

Bush Unleashes Full Force Siege on America's National Forests

Bush Logging Bill Threatens National Forests

Pennsylvania Auctions Off oil and Gas Rights on Public Lands

Pennsylvania Environmental Policy Act Introduced

Stop Allegheny National Forest Timber Sales

Scarnati Bill Threatens Civil Liberties

Three Out of Four Allegheny Counties Choose to Gamble, and Lose

Rhetoric from Your Friendly Editor!

Dear Friends of the Allegheny Forests,

The Allegheny has gotten her first big snows of the season. Time to break out the skis and head for the woods. It's been a very busy fall. We've made major strides in our work to protect the amazing Salmon Creek valley, and we remain hopeful that we will prevail in our fight to stop the East Side Timber Sale.

Unfortunately, while our workload increased this past year, our already-small staff got smaller, as did our budget. Our deepest apologies for the tardiness of this newsletter. Hopefully it was worth the wait. We promise that our next issue, an Allegheny Wild! special edition, will be published more promptly.

I also hope that in this season of giving, you will consider adding the Allegheny Defense Project to your gift list. A donation of any amount would help us greatly in these difficult times. Best Wishes for the holidays!

For a wild Allegheny,

Rachel Martin, Editor

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