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Hellbender Journal Summer/Fall 2001

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Wilderness Proposal Published

Letter from ADP's Board President

Dear Snappy the Hellbender

Allegheny Cited "#1 Most Endangered NF"

Forest Activism 101: The 8th Annual ADP Fall Gathering

A Place Where Nature Lives

North Country Trail "Adventure"

Allegheny Wild! What's Your Vision of a Wild Allegheny?

Budgetary Incentive Drives Forest Service to Log


Oil and Gas Corporations Target Salmon and Separating Facts from Fiction: The Oil and Gas Mgmt. Story

Hiking and Logging: A Bad Combination

East Side Update

Activists Protest East Side Timber Bids

The Price of Being Effective

Heartwood Forest Council a Success!

Finding Jo's Hole

Cut and Run: Don't Let it Happen to You


Dear Friends of the Allegheny Forests,

The harder they fight you, the more you know you're being effective. I firmly believe that this is true. And judging from the behavior of some representatives of the "big timber" and "big oil", it's clear we're winning.

In the papers, and at the recent hearing on Salmon Creek, this became crystal clear when representatives of the companies exploiting the Allegheny National Forest have been able to do nothing more than attack the credibility of the Allegheny Defense Project. They've pulled out all the stops, calling us "eco-terrorists", "radicals", "crazies", even going so far as to, in a process that defies all logic, liken us to the Nazis and the KKK.

In fact, we're seeing this throughout the country. Recently a timber industry front group launched a campaign to discredit the Dogwood Alliance, a coalition of groups and citizens fighting chip mills throughout the Southeast, by posting photos of Dogwood spokespeople on a website. Boise-Cascade timber corporation has attacked the Rainforest Action Network's tax-exempt status.

What is clear here, is that while we've been presenting fact after fact, the industry and their apologists, realizing they've lost the information battle, have sunk to various levels of shoolyard name-calling, bullying, and outright lying. Clearly the writing is on the wall for the industry gravy train that is the national forest timber sale program.

And let's not forget the importance, in light of these attacks on the environmental movement and world events, of reconfirming our commitment to non-violence.

For a wild Allegheny,

Rachel Martin, Editor

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