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Hellbender Journal Summer/Fall 2001

Activists Protest East Side Timber Bids

On May 21, the Allegheny Forest Service opened bids for "Sutton Salvage", one of the timber sale areas that make up the East Side Timber Sale at the Marienville Ranger Station. This was the first bid on an East Side area.

Despite a steady rain, activists from the Allegheny Defense Project and Sierra Club were there to protest the opening of the bids on the same day the ADP's lawsuit was filed.

Disregarding federal laws, the Forest Service refused to allow the protesters to witness the bid opening, claiming that only one representative was allowed to enter the room where the bids were being opened.

Sutton Salvage was awarded to Highland Resources for a whopping $200,000. Fortunately, the Forest Service has not yet awarded a contract to the company, and the Sutton Salvage has not been logged.

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